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Group Info

Attention anyone who wants to join,you need to read the rules (which are on the front page) first before joining. All further directions you need to follow in order to join will be there. I just thought I put that here because a lot of people are asking so now you know :D

Hey welcome to :iconallroleplay: ! A group founded by :icondesupurpalhoodie: on 12/24/12 (Christmas eve!) Well there may be a few questions going through your mind right now,so Im going to answer them right here!

:bulletgreen: What exactly do you do and post in this group?And who is it for?

What we want to do is set people up with Roleplay partners,and help find good characters to roleplay with. Also get your own character out there. Think of this as almost a dating site,instead of setting you up with your "true love" we set you up with a RP partner. (weird thing to compare it too I know)
This group will provide a easy and simple way for RPers to find partners. The same as what other RP groups want to do,but hey you can't really get any different. We do have a chatroom that will have events every month or so,and we will have fun little activities for our members.
We are hoping for this group to become big with a large number of members. The more members we have the easier it is to find someone to RP with,that's what I say.
The only rules we really have is 1) Be respectful to everyone 2) Only RP through notes and keep the comments clean of any RP and 3) Have fun!

:star:Our Admins:star:

You already met me the founder,but how about our other admins? Let me introduce them to you!
:iconcanis-angst:~ A very helpful Co-founder. She helped revise the rules,give great ideas for the group,and also writes our "Roleplay Tip of the Week" which is basically a journal she writes once a week with you guessed it,helpful tips that will help your roleplay experience become more fun and easy. It will also help you expand your knowledge of Roleplay and help you become better at it. Very helpful to me as well :D

:iconpimpin-waffle:~ Also helped us out with ideas for the group and stuff. She and :iconcanis-angst: and I work together to make this group the best it can be,always throwing our ideas around and stuff.

:iconcoolguy1000:~ When I first opened the group I decided to make him the co-founder since he was my friend and also roleplayed.

Overall we all contribute to the group in our own ways and help out the group as much as we can. Our job is to make the group enjoyable and fun for everyone!
Founded 2 Years ago
Dec 24, 2012


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453 Members
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:star: By submitting a join-request to this group, you consent to the following terms as outlined in the rules below. Failure to comply to the rules will result in a warning for first offenses followed by dismissal from the group for repeat offenses. AllRoleplay reserves the right to change these rules at any time.:star:

1.Okay so this is how roleplay works,I'll go over this briefly. So you submit a ref of your RP character to the corresponding folder (any questions about folders please refer to our folder guide which is under construction at the moment.Any further questions please note the founder :icondesupurpalhoodie:) someone notes you with a link to the ref of the character they would like to roleplay with,they also need a link with the character they will be using. If the request is accepted,you will roleplay by note. Pretty simple no? Any questions feel free to ask. But there will also be a better explanation of this in the "Group Info" and in some journals.

:star: General Rules :star:
1. Be respectful to everyone.
Respect includes, but is not limited to, the use of appropriate language and basic manners.

2. Verbal abuse of any kind will not be tolerated. Do not send hateful comments or remarks (“bashing, trolling, flaming”) towards a player, character, or fandom. A first offense will result in a warning, but a repeat offense results in the immediate removal from the group.

3. Complaints of any kind should be noted to the group, the founder, or a co-founder. Complaints posted in General Comments, journal entries, deviations, etc will be hidden or ignored.

This is not to dismiss anyone’s claim, but to respect the privacy and rights of the individual(s) involved. On many occasions, comments will not reach our inbox, so sending a note is the best way to make sure the issue is resolved.

4. Roleplaying in the group’s general comments, journal entries, deviations, etc is not permitted at this time.

5. AllRoleplay holds the right to reject an individual at any time for violating of these rules without notification.

:star: Submitting a character::star:
:bulletred: You are able to use your own reference, the guide provided that can be found here (… ), or a written format, so long as it includes: Name, Age, Species, Physical Description, and a Brief Backstory.

:bulletred: Include what types of RP your character is and is not available for in the description of your deviataion. AllRoleplay accepts all roleplayers and genres, but asks that you respect other player's limits and preferences.

:bulletred: If using a base or reference guide, please provide credit to the original creator. Reference sheets found using stolen material will be removed from the group and result in the dismissal of membership. By submitting a character to the group, you agree that the character you are presenting belongs to you, the poster.

:bulletred: If your character belongs in multiple folders (example: OC/Historical or OC/Fantasy), please include this in the “comments” section of your correspondence message. Deviations are accepted by the group’s founder.

:star: Journal Submissions::star:

Members are given access to utilize the group's journal feature to advertise personal RP in the form of "want adds" and links to forum RPGs provided the members adheres to the following rules:

:bulletred: Members may post a journal no more than once a month (approximately 30 days from last post date)*

:bulletred: Members must wait 2 days (48 hours) from the date of the last journal entry before posting a new entry. *

:bulletred: Entries promoting off-site RPGs (forum, tumblr, etc) must contain a warning if the rating is above a PG-13 level and may not include links to hate speech, pornographic, or otherwise discriminatory content as defined by deviantart.

:bulletred: A moderator reserves the right to remove content at any time deemed offensive.

**This is to guarantee members a minimum of 48 hours of front-page exposure and to reduce the amount of spam our watchers receive. You are welcome to repost your entry 1 month/30 days from the original date.




This collection does not have any deviations yet!

Role play Fandom


- I'm not a native English, therefore in my English will definitely bad... Sorry for that... If you are a grammar nazi go your way.

- We are not robots, it's always nice to know each other, I would appreciate it speaks outside of the game It's not a rule, but I'm bored from seeing my futurs partners, only for RP. :/

- If I forget to reply send me back your last reply.

- I only play adult characters (canon or oc's) and with adult characters (canon or oc's).

- In the fandom RP's I love making couples Oc x Canon, if you play the boyfriend of my Oc I do the same for your. but I like making Oc x oc couple also ^^.

- Please don't make my Oc move, and I hate powergaming...

- The Rp's against the laws and the laws of DA or fetishes are prohibited.

</span></span>- I can play a man for your character, but only if you do the same for mine.

- I do only smut with adult rp partner, ask me.

- I don't play Yuri or Yaoi sorry ^^;

- It's forbidden to kill my Oc('s)

- If a fandom interest you, I can play a male (canon or oc) for your female Oc

BUT only if you play also a male for my female Oc (a male canon or Oc is fine) in a second note. It's fair and equitable..

- Please be as serious as me on the RP, if you play without convictions the man for my female character I would notice it and I will stop the RP if I feel that the game is not equal or fair.

- I'm seeking partners for longterme only

- Contact me by note or here if you are interested.

Thanks you for respect this rules.

List of the fandom and what I'm looking for:

Those with a *, are the ones that interest me the most lately...


- Harry Potter
- The Lord of the ring
- Pirates of caribbeans
-Avatar (movie)
- Dragonheart
- Tim Burton movies

Horror movies

- The Grudge
- Insidious
- Aliens


- The Walking Dead
- The Big Bang Theory
- Scrubs

Cartoons & animation

- How to train a Dragon
- Dragon Booster
- Disney serie (Aladdin, Buzz the lightyear, ...)
- Hotel transylvania
- Despicable Me
- Toy story
- Big Hero 6
- Highlander the animated serie

Mangas & Animes

- Danganronpa
- Shingeki no Kyojin/Attack on titans *
- Switch girl
- Tokyo Ghoul *
- Deadman Wonderland
- Mirai Nikki
- Blue gender
- Another
- XXX Holic
- Sailor Moon
- Samourai and pizza cats
- Fairy Tales
- Saint Seiya
- Slayers (the one with lina inverse)
- Yugioh (the first season)
- Digimon
- Fruits basket
- Soul Eater
- Wolf Rain
- Sakura Card captor
- Magika Madoka
- Elfen Lied
- Shiki *
- Gosth hunt
- Chobbit
- School rumble


- Zettai Kareshi
- Hanazakari no Kimitachi e


- Dragon Lance
- The Age of Fire
- Eragon

Videos games

- Final Fantasy 7 & 8 *
- Grandia
- Breath of fire 3 and 4
- Alundra (the first game)
- Legacy of kain
- Castlevania symphony of the night (and the others games)
- Minecraft
- Tales of (serie of games)
- Zelda (serie of games)
- Devil My cry
- Pokemon
- Mario
- Last of Us
- Metal Gear solid
- World of Warcraft *
- Sonic
- Resident Evil
- Skyrim oblivion
- Kingdom Hearts
- Spyro
- Silent Hill


- The Smurfs
- Astérix
- The Blue coats
- Lucky Luke

I've probably forgotten some fandoms, please ask me something perhaps l know the fandom you want.

The males canon character's I'm looking for :

Series & movies:

- Daryl Dixon (TWD)
- Severus Snape (Harry potter)
- Lucius Malfoy (Harry potter)
- Jack Sparrow ( POC)
- Sheldon Cooper (Big bang theory)
- Dr cox (scrubs)
- The janitor (scrubs)
- Willy Wonka (Chocolate factory)

Videos games :

- Sephiroth (FF7)
- Rufus Shinra (FF7)
- Reno (FF7)
- Tseng (FF7)
- Cloud Strife (FF7)
- Seifer Almasy (FF8)
- Dark link (Zelda)
- Link (Zelda)
- N 'adult' (Pokemon)
- Dante (Devil my cry)
- Vergil (Devil my cry)
- Albert Wesker (Resident evil)
- Jhonny Sasaki (Metal gear solid)
- Shadow (Sonic)
- Sonic (Sonic)
- Luigi (Mario)
- Alucard (Castlevania)
- Rei (Breath of fire 3)
- Colonel Mullen (Grandia)

Cartoons & animation

- Shredder (TMNT)
- Mozenrath ( Aladdin)
- Emperor Zurg (Buzz the lightyear serie)

Mangas & animes:

- Levi Ackerman (AOT)
- Butch (Pokemon)
- Cell ( DBZ)
- Cooler( DBZ)
- Frieza (DBZ)
- Vegeta (DBZ)
- Prince dimante (Sailor moon)
- Kanon ( Saint seiya)
- Saga (Saint seiya)
- Milo (Saint seiya)
- Camu (Saint Seiya)
- Koutarou Amon (Tokyo Ghoul)
- Renji Yomo (Tokyo Ghoul)
- Uta (Tokyo Ghoul)
- Ayato Kirishima (Tokyo Ghoul)
- Gerald Fernandez (Fairy Tail)
- Gajeel ( Fairy Tail)
- Mistgun (Fairy Tail)
- 'Adult' Dead the kind (Soul eater)
- Rezo or copy Rezo (Slayers)
- Zelgadis ( Slayers)
- Marik Ishtar 'adult' (Yugioh)


- Dalamar (DL)

The list can be edited and some canon added.


Ask me to play who you want, but as I write on my rules: I'd play the boyfriend of your character if you do the same for mine on another RP.

Send me a note.
More Journal Entries


:heart::star: These are the Beautiful people who help the group out and keep it nice! Also some people who are just plan awesome so they deserve attention! :D :star::heart:




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animalhabitat Featured By Owner 14 hours ago
I have this idea sort of figured out and was wondering if anybody wanted to roleplay it with me.

-v- I have several characters and have roleplayed this with a couple of people before. Its actually rather fun.

There are "experiments" though instead of just being called experiments they are known as "Xerons" Then of course as experiments there are several who try to escape. Some manage to. There are also those who hunt down the Xerons who are known as "Therons" sometimes if an experiment gains enough trust they can go out with the Therons and hunt down the escapees. Therons often carry things around with them to weaken the strength of their enemies powers. There are levels at how the experiments will be treated. The more escapees you bring you the higher your rank which gives you better treatment. However those who have tried escaping or had escaped but were captured again are treated the worst. Most of the world is not aware of these facilities. 

The experiments can have any type of powers really. 
Elemental, transformations, etc.... 

I expect at least 3 sentence long replies! Though I usually like to try to make it as long as I possibly can.

The types to rp are: 

or if you really want it can be a regular person and they meet up with one of my characters who's an "escapee" from the facility. 

Just a heads up most of my characters for this are dudes.

✔ Notes 
X  Chats 
X  Comments 
X   Email 

✔ G/PG 
✔ PG-13 
✔ Mature 
✔ Crack 

I'm okay with any contest really pfffft 

OffWithTheLights Featured By Owner Edited May 12, 2015  Student General Artist

Hello hello!
Ive been quite busy this whole month, but a little bit of role playing might do me some good. Yet, I am not open for all kind of roleplays. 
What im looking for is an alternative universe roleplay with your original characters! Now, I was imagining something like Death Note. Yes, that would be great, but if there's another anime you want to roleplay, then sure thing! Please note that I dont watch a lot of anime, so if you want to roleplay something I didn't watch; just fill me in by being the 'dominant' roleplayer (which means that you'll have to explain the anime while roleplaying).
Another thing, I might draw your character or a scene from the roleplay if I feel like it; so I hope it's okay by you.

So! Shortly! I'm looking for some OC, AU roleplay. Open for ideas; but I prefer Death Note or Devil May Cry.. (For me AU means that all the charcaters would be OCs.. I have trouble roleplaying as canon..)
I love long replies, lit or at least a few lines, all fine. 
The roleplay text itself should be serious, but it's fine if the characters are acting silly sometimes. Some-timeeeees. Not the whole roleplay not making any damned sense.
Romace is not the important part of the roleplay.
Horror is very welcome. -v-

OffWithTheLights Featured By Owner May 12, 2015  Student General Artist

Another thing; As I said earlier, I am a very busy person, and I'm looking for a specific roleplay right now because, sadly, I don't have the time to roleplay all. Oh but due to the time trouble, a lot of people say it's okay if I won't reply for a few days, but later on leave me hanging, and end the roleplay. So please, when contacting me, remember that I might not reply for days, and make sure you're okay with that. Have a debate with yourself about it.
Lucijohn Featured By Owner May 3, 2015
Hiya. I wanna do a slightly violent PG13 RP with two OCS i have…
gfso Featured By Owner May 3, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
Hello hello yes I am desperate
KingNanamine87 Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I'm searching roleplay partners for Tickling and 18+ stories.

I like to do:
- fandoms (tell me a series, maybe i know it);
- with OCs;
- if allowed, with ourselves;

I don't do:
- M/M;
- F/M;
- splatter, violence and gore;

Important: i like to be the tickler and the dominant role in RPs, so submissive people and ticklees are more than welcome.

Reply me without problems! ^^
EnojChan Featured By Owner May 7, 2015  New Deviant Student Artist
Pst. ^-^ how about fairy tail?
KingNanamine87 Featured By Owner May 7, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Yeah, i'm perfectly ok with that! ;)

I'd like to tickle or have sex (or better, both) with Juvia, Levy or Mirajane.

But if you have preferences in the heroine to be, tell me freely. ^^

I could play as my OC King. ^^
Kozekito Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Pirate themed roleplay idea. Read more here → Pirate era 1800th Centuary OC - William J Pen by Kozekito
ShadowhawkArt Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'd like some new people to roleplay with, in case anyone's interested. Heart

Here are my Main OCs (The one's I choose from to roleplay as):…

Just reply to this comment if you're interested! Thankyou!

Note: By the way, please keep things PG - 13 when roleplaying with me, please. I don't mind hugging, kissing, or gore, just don't get too creepy otherwise I won't reply back. I like to think both characters, mine and the other person's, are on equal playing fields. So no overpowered characters, they're both the same in ability. No powerplaying either, please. c:
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